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In Bed with Isla.......Interviews Lord Uri Jefferson

Some of you may of heard of Mysteriums Masked Mansion, for those who have not it is an adult venue which offers a unique experience. All RP must be done in local chat, a strict dress code including the wearing of masks along with an RLV system that "masks" you and everyone else from seeing names, gives you that fun of anonymity.  For this times "In Bed with Isla" I was lucky enough to be able to persuade the Mansion owner Lord Uri Jefferson to take some time out from his busy schedule to snuggle under the covers for a natter and some fruit!.

Isla:- So Uri, for those who don't know you.. can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

Uri:- Sure Isla dear.  I'm Uri Jefferson, one of the three owners and creator of Mysterium's Masked Mansion, Rouge, Mavenhurst Palace, and the new resort Sybari.  I've been in SL nine and a half years and have done just about everything imaginable, but it always brings me back around to creating this for others to enjoy.That's what I love.

I have an amazing wife, Renni, who is an inspiration and a driving force in the work that I do, a constant encouragement to try to make things fun for everyone.  My best friend Moonshadow Landar is the third owner.  We've know each other nearly 9 years now and she's always encouraged the workings of my mind, so without both of them, I may not be so fortunate as to lie here with you today.

Isla:- That is so sweet, it is good you have the support of others.  I have visited the Mansion myself before and it has a rather unique concept. How did you come up with that? 

Uri:- It's definitely wonderful to have that support yes.  The mansion was an idea that formed...well, parts of it were years in the making, other parts were things that came about quickly as I started to make this dream a reality. 
I've always been fascinated by masks and even more so the way we, as humans, respond and react differently when wearing them, as if we're somehow invisible behind them so we're able to let our guard down and be who we want to be.  The same can be said for sexuality; something I've always been very open about when it comes to the depth of it.  To me it's more than an act, more than something that has to just be shared between two lovers, though there's nothing wrong with that of course. 

To me sex is freedom, it's opening one's mind, closing out the world and letting yourself get lost in the moment, in your partner or partners, in the experience, the joy, the emotion, the passion, the utter bliss that comes from it.  Combine that two together and bam, you have the mansion, a place where we encourage you to shed yourself of your fears, your inhibitions, those things you might normally be too reserved to try, and let yourself become someone anonymous, someone whose mind is free to explore the depths of pleasure. 

As you mentioned, Mysterium's is conducted entirely in local chat and the reasoning behind that flows with the basis of my intentions towards sex and anonymity, I want to encourage others, I want to encourage you, I want everyone to let down that guard, put themselves out there in what they do, let others react to it, each joining in in their own way and who knows, often times that leads to joining in in the most passionate of ways.  To me that's what this is all about, encouraging everyone to encourage each other as together we all, collectively, explore the many wonders of human sexuality.

Isla:-  That all sounds so idyllic to me!...  You previously mentioned your wife Renni, now obviously she is very supportive and plays a major role at The Mansion (and other ventures) but have you seen your partnership as changing any actions there? For example have you found perhaps people now avoid due to that.. or has it had the opposite effect.. do more people try and hit on you both now you are married, (I know some like the challenge!)

Uri:- laughs softly and grins a moment, nestling in, "well it's had both effects for sure, the challenge seekers are there as well are those that think 'hey this guy's married, I need to stay back,' and they're both welcome to their feelings on it. 

My wife is amazingly supportive, more so truly than anyone could ever ask of anyone else.  It constantly baffles my mind the loving understanding and encouragement that comes from this amazing woman.  It would be a fool's errand to try to make anyone believe that being married or even in a relationship doesn't change things at such a place as Mysterium's, but here is where we are and where we stand.  It was the mansion that brought us together, the mansion that led to our meeting and inevitably towards the path that we took with each other. 

We both know and recognize that that is something that was a huge part of each other that we fell in love with.  I've always taken small issue at weddings and the like when someone says 'two becoming one.'  I disagree with that, instead I would say that we remain two that agree to share a life together, to aim and embrace one love, but without losing ourselves and who we are.  If we strip away the very things that bring us together, the things that help to make each other the person we were attracted to, what are we left with?  That goes hand in hand with us and the mansion.

 As I said the mansion led us to each other and by doing so showed each of us a part of the other's mind, their interests, their wants and passions.  We could, as many often do, suppress that openness once we were joined together but that would have meant losing something integral to both of us.  It's not about the sex, or a conquest, neither of those are what the mansion is to us.  Instead it's about where are minds can reach when we open them up, both sexually and in all ways aside of the sexual.  We encourage each other, we support each other, and we try best to involve each other in the mansion the best we can. 

Sure there inevitably are going to be hints of jealousy, times where we want the other all to ourselves, that is to be expected, but we both try to be understanding and encouraging that this is part of what brought us together, part of what makes each other the one we fell in love with.  In that, we don't want to suppress that but rather encourage it as it leads to growth of mind and growth of hearts, keeping us every learning, exploring, and growing together.

Isla:-  It sounds to me like you are both very lucky indeed to have found one another... meeting someone of a like mind can be incredibly difficult.  I was wondering how do you deal with that jealousy if it ever rises?  Are there any hints you can give to someone who is possibly in a similar relationship ?

Uri:- You know, in a relationship, as in all things, communication is key.  We're both human and as such will have our difficult times, but being able to open up and talk to each other with truly open minds gets us through that as it can get anyone in the world through anything life has to throw at them. 

So to others in similar relationships, I would say above all, keep your mind open.  Don't close it and think there is only one way, one answer to every situation.  There will always be two sides and no matter how right you feel or how hard something may feel, when you communicate and can see each other's perspective, together all things are possible.

Isla:- I love that advice... personally I have tried similar in here and have found each time that the other person wanted to change who I am.. so now for myself it is easier to be single. I am glad you have both found your "one"..    Now obviously things are busy there... you have the Mansion, Club Rouge , the less formal club.. and now a new venture, Can you tell me about that?

Uri:- Finding that one is hard to do and as you said, many try to change the other, that simply won't work.  So to those of you out there hoping for that, open your mind and nothing is out of reach. 

Yes, as you said, I do stay busy, very busy.  Any one thing would keep one more busy than perhaps wanted, but when you take on four things, you really have to learn to delegate your time and your energy.

My energy lately has been put into this new venture, Sybari resort  Sybari is all about hedonism, about letting yourself just fully enjoy pleasure.  There is a huge huge range of things to do at the resort, from the Ibiza resort styled Porta Vitae Stage, which is a huge centerpiece of the resort, to the beaches, the yacht, the restaurant, the coffee house, the gaming center, the arcade, the pool, spa, sauna,'s all about losing yourself in whatever brings you pleasure.  We all come to sl for different reasons but common to all of us is the want to enjoy ourselves.  This is about that, lets just enjoy ourselves and whatever it is we find fun, and what better place to do it then with a resort full of sexy people that want to share it with you?

Isla:- smiles.. that sounds amazing Uri.. and we at SX Magazine wish you all the very best for it.... So obviously all of this keeps you busy. Do you find time for anything else in SL?

Uri:-  well thank you so very much Isla and to each of you at the wonderful publication. 

It does indeed keep me quite busy but surprisingly yes I do find time for other things!  Truth be told though, it's more for sanity reasons that I must make myself leave and enjoy! 

I love art in all form but particularly performance art, so I'm a big frequenter of the Dance Troupe shows, of live singers, especially those with a classical flair, and really anything where I can just enjoy the passions and talents of others.  I love sailing, yachting, flying and certainly have a vast fleet at my disposal.  Aside from the arts and the vehicular fun, I really love just getting to explore places, see what others have worked hard to make, all of it really helps center me when the busyness of it all seems consuming.

Isla:- nods and understands... I think some people forget sometimes how relaxing SL can be.. the fact that different bits of it can capture our imagination and take us to other places... I know for example if I am feeling stressed, I can find comfort at a beach .. even on my own just with the noises and the sight of the ocean it can be very immersive.  Obviously you have been in SL now for a number of years... what keeps you coming back?

Uri:- laughs softly, you know, that is a really good question! 

There's definitely something here, something that draws us all back.  I think for me it is the human connection and not just with those who know the life we know.  I have all of my friends outside of SL who I spend time with, but living in the same place we all know a lot of the same life.  In SL we get the opportunity to connect with and get to know people from all over the globe, of every race, culture, background,'s really a cultural adventure and I love that.  I love getting to know and spend time with others.  It broadens my mind, my understanding, my way of thinking, and I think that above all else is what keeps me coming back over and over!

Isla:- I agree entirely.. It never ceases to amaze me how we can meet people, have conversations, interact and be friends with people over the other side of the world yet feel like they are right there with us.     Now I know you have a few things to get ready for the big opening for Sybari, so I just want to say a huge thank you for taking time out to talk to me here.... not to mention a big thanks to Renni for letting me borrow you for a while... mwah ! x

Uri:- Well thank you, it's truly been my pleasure Isla!  And yes, a busy day ahead, but I do think I may struggle to get out of such a lovely bed and the company of such a lovely woman!  Thank you again though, I really have enjoyed having the chance to snuggle in and talk to you!

Isla winks.. "Well you are welcome to stay a while longer.... "

Uri winks and nods, "then I shall do just that..."

Isla chuckles and tugs the covers over them both to continue the rest of their discussion.... *smirks*

You can find The Mansion here

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Hotspot - Old Lar's

( The club's entrance )

Old Lar's has been around for a number of years... originally it was billed as a place for "Older men and younger women"... with sexy striptease on the bar tops, along with great DJs playing their tunes.

In spite of it having gone through various hands now it rests in the careful hands of the new owner Dirk.

The essence of it all remains the same... a fun spot to hang out, DJs playing their music, and of course the sexy Lars Bar Dancers.. but also the patrons are what make this place swing.

( The Old Lar's Dancers on stage )

A steady flow of people pass through the doors each day, with many becoming welcomed regulars. The staff always make sure everyone feels part of the show.

( Patrons at the main dancefloor )

I tracked down Dirk, the current owner to ask him a few things.

SX:- As the most recent owner of Lar's, how do you see things for it's future? 

Dirk:- Well i see the future of Lars as very bright.....I think people are really enjoying  working there, ...I've laxed some of the older rules in an attempt to make the place less strict and in turn, hopefully, more fun..I think its starting to pay off as I'm seeing older patrons returning to the club which is great , and many people have told me the place has a very positive vibe to it again.  Thats the kind of stuff I love to hear ...It means that my management staff and myself are doing something right

As far as things I've changed? ....not much really.....the look of the original club is still there , we've added a naughty playground upstairs for patrons to use if they please  We have also added a naughty beach were we have beach parties every saturday. There's a foam ballroom for special foam parties when we get the whim. So yes we have made some improvements for the better I believe.

( The Naughty Upstairs Spot )

SX:- Lar's continues to be a popular destination... Why do you think that is?

Dirk:- Well honestly I think Lars has a bit of old SL nostalgia to it . For many people this was their first adult club that they frequented. So it has a special place in many peoples hearts, including myself.. For others it's just the simple fact that sex sells lol..But I think mainly its because we are a friendly place to hang out ...we accept everybody at Lar's ..we don't have age limits for new avi's , like some clubs do , we welcome the new and the old... As long as people behave and are respectful of others , they are allowed to get their groove on. 

SX:- How do you see Lar's differing from other clubs on the grid?

Dirk:- I think we, as a smaller club project a much more intimate setting really feels like an old style pub.... definately our old school charm sets us apart. We have some of the sexiest and experienced dancers and DJ's in SL, some have worked here for years

On the flip side we have quite a few newer dancers and DJ's as well...Our music genre also has no boundaries ..DJ's are free to play just about anything they you can always find music you Well I guess thats all I have to say ....Stop by sometime and judge for yourself :)

( One of Lar's DJs setting the hall on fire )

Dirk is right.. it does have an older charm about it, it isn't trying to be something it's not... so please do  check it out for yourself here at Old Lar's

Saturday, 1 July 2017

In Bed with Isla.... Interviews Larry Vinaver

Welcome to this first issue of "In bed with Isla" where each month I will have the pleasure of inviting some of SLs leading participants in the adult industry to share my bed covers in exchange for a little chat...
In this first interview I met Larry Vinaver... and I was lucky enough to manage to lure him into my bed for a chat..

Isla:- So Larry, you won the SX Magazine award for  Best Actor, can you tell me how that felt??

Larry:- It feels a great honour and privilege to have been awarded that title for 2 successive years, the Golden Cock awards in 2015, and then the SX Magazine Award in 2016 , Isla......I am grateful most importantly to the fans who have turned out for me to vote and the great people with whom I have had the privilege to work with over those years that have made that award possible. It is a marvellous feeling to win , I am both humbled and elated at the same time

Isla:- Last year you won the award for your work in Stepford Sluts. How was that??

Larry:- It was a ground making movie in SL Porn, acclaimed as an award winner for Club E, winning a Golden Cock in the 2016 Porn Awards. It involved over 100 actors!

Isla:- I saw the cast list, it must have been madness for the director to co-ordinate?

Larry:-  its was quite a feat to get us all together at the right time and to get scenes perfect for final cuts; many were shot I know and some might one day make their way onto the dvd lol

Isla:- So i have to ask, how did you get into the porn industry in SL in the first place?

Larry:- I had some lucky breaks .....I think that attending a few beach parties with a few medallions and a moustache seemed to amuse some and got me noticed as a regular; I was actually auditioned by Miss Emily by having sex with a woman in front of the guests; it went very well:-)) I later signed to be an extra in the movie 'Legs wide Spread' after starring in a movie called 'Mutual Pleasure' and was hired by Miss Em's Studio directly afterwards. I have been lucky in that I have continued my roles as extras in several movies but they are now classed as 'cameo appearances ' lol.

Isla:- you mentioned your look got you noticed, Was there any reason behind it.. do you feel it has helped you?

Larry:- Well I was turned down flat as a model by a now defunct and discredited studio. I did find that appearing in Aroused Magazine and Playhouse did help me get hired by Dogstar Productions. The look was a little porn stereotype I admit and that is why i chose it , however after a few modifications I believe its unique enough to be called mine, any imitation i view as flattery:-))

 Isla:- You have worked as Helios in Mythos, and now also working on False Friends, the new production by VIR Studios.. how have you found the experience?

Larry:- I found working on the stories was a fun and interesting project, Helios is a great character and I love playing him. It was also great to work with established friends as well as making some new ones too...I do think that we have all boosted the sales of Deadwool and various other SL companies by promoting their extreme good fashion as well as featuring in a very captivating and well prepared serialised tale such as Mythos is.....I am looking forward to continuing on the work of False Friends as it will be another sensation I am sure!

Isla:- Obviously your work must take up a lot of your time, how else do you spend your SL?

I find that when I am not shooting for movies or modelling the best relaxation is attending social events and parties as well as relaxing and surfing at Surfers bay or Breakwater/pretty beach. I have a love of cars and motorcycles with several in my collection that i race at several tracks here.....I also have sporting interests here, along with some battle re-enactments ....My love of fashion and shopping for clothing I include in work as I usually get photographed wearing anything i buy lol.

Isla:- Battle re-enactments? I didn't know those even existed in SL

Larry:- well they are groups, i belong to a US civil war society.  i have my confederate uniforms as well and my union ones...i double as a spy lol

Isla:- *laughs* Sounds like a movie plot you could star in next.

Isla:- After working in so many movies, is there any sign of retirement ?

Larry:- well only of slowing down, Isla....I am appearing more in cameo roles and as an extra which seem to 'add' a little 'style' to producers' movies , i am also still getting quite a few offers for roles..I have done 44 movies so far with one about to be released and two in conference stages

Isla:- that is quite some career, and one I suppose you could never retire fully from, as I am sure you enjoy your work too much to give it up entirely. not to mention the public outcry from us ladies if you did.. *laughs*

Larry:-  hahah i do indeed, and in the paraphrase of the song; 'i'm just a 'guy' who can't say no' lol and as long as they like to employ me and for as long as people say 'OMG, YOU'RE HIM!' i shall love to star in them:-))

By this time Larry had already managed to strip me of my clothes so it is time for me to shimmy under the covers and get to know him better... see you next time!!

Friday, 30 June 2017

Bigger, Better, Blogger !

Hello dear readers,

Just a year ago we published the first issue of the SX Magazine. Our target was to offer you a product who should have been different from most of the SL publications, focusing our effort on the quality of the contents, either articles or photos. A year after the release of that first issue, we're happy to announce a new beginning for the SX Magazine. We're switching our publications from an inworld book to a blog based magazine. This way we'll be able to offer you a more dynamic product, with new contents and a wider range of articles, where we'll be able to go deep in every topic, investigating each aspect of it.

Last year to celebrate the birth of the magazine, we decided to organize the first edition of the SX Magazine Awards. We're happy to announce you that the SX Magazine Awards will be back this year too, with new categories and awards, once again to celebrate the outstanding talents of our amazing community. More information about the Awards will be coming very soon, so stay tuned !

As you did last year, come join us on our journey in this amazing world of SL sex, art and entertainment !

Monday, 12 December 2016

SX Magazine Awards - The Winners

Hello people,

Let me say it, the SX Magazine Awards Gala was just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Over 50 guests attended the show lead by our wonderful Monique, where we announced the winners in each of the 8 categories to which SX Magazine Awards have been assigned. A special Thank you to Sunday Storm, who shoot the guests on the Red Carpet ( her photos will be on Flickr soon ), and to DJ Temp, for a fantastic party after the ceremony.

The winners of the SX Magazine Awards 2016 are:

for the category Best Male ModelCROSS AURA

for the category Best Female Model: ZUBY GLOOM

for the category Best Photographer: ANGI MANNERS

for the category Best Photo: SASQUATCH RHINO

for the category Best Actor: LARRY VINAVER

for the category Best Actress: CARLY MODE

for the category Best Director: DILLON LECKER

for the category Best Movie: RAVI REDFIELD

Along with the Awards to the winners for each category, the staff of the SX Magazine decided to assign two special Lifetime Achievement Awards to TATIANA EASTERWOOD and RYSAN FALL, who in several years of activity in which they produced art of the highest level, brought prestige to the whole community. It was an honor to have them as judges for this first edition of the SX Magazine Awards.

One last time, thanks to each of you who joined us in this project. It has been fun, exhausting, exciting, moving, thrilling, exalting, and we're looking forward to see what amazing works you'll submit for the next edition of the SX Magazine Awards!

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Rysan Fall - SX Magazine Awards Video Categories Judge

Here we are at least, dear readers,

Our final interview with the video category judges. Sit back with your favorite mug, filled with some nice coffee (or something a little more potent depending on your timezone), and enjoy this intriguing look at one of the most interesting and well respected SL machinima producers. Today we give you, Rysan Fall.

Photo by Maya-el Kusumah

In Rysan's words:
My name is Rysan Fall. I have been a member of Second Life since Dec 2nd, 2007. I have been making machinima since February 2008. This initially was intended to be practice for real life film making. When I started I had no idea there was a whole genre of film making dedicated to filming in a virtual environment. My videos became popular in the machinima community, which really was a surprise to me. I decided to offer my skills to business, creating commercials and making keepsake (wedding) videos for the people in this virtual environment.  My desire to make more detailed machinima films grew, and real life film making kind of took a back seat. But I wanted to take what I’ve learned and put it to real life film,.

Machinima has been very good to me, and I am very grateful for everything it’s given me. I’ve been interviewed countless times, I’ve spoke at many lectures, events and universities. I’ve had the opportunity to work for Tufts University, University of Florida, and the University of Central Missouri. I’ve even been honored with filming the first Virtual College Graduation ceremony for Bryant Stratton College in Second Life featured on FOX National News. One thing I was really excited about, I was contacted by U2's Principle Management to inform me that my U2inSL video was selected to be played on the big screen at the Glastonbury Festival in the U.K. as the REAL U2 perform their song, "Even Better Than the Real Thing".  My visuals went through the approval processes from Linden Labs to me and finally approved by U2's Principle Management. That was really exciting for me. I’ve been interviewed for The Book “Machinima: The Art and Practice of Virtual Filmmaking.  A few of my videos was seen by a company called (now called acute care triage), which specializes in providing online therapy and EAP solutions for subscribers. They were in the process of creating their own virtual world at the time, and wanted someone to make their machinima for them. They flew me to California for a week and asked me to become a part of their team, and I accepted. After 4 years I, now edit all of their “Real Life” department  video.

Along with all of this, I do voice over work also. I have also done some radio. I used to have a weekly hip hop news segment on an underground hip hop show called “The Fireset” on 90.7 WTCC. Ive done voice over work for CPTV Sports (Connecticut Public Broadcasting).  I won an award for best male voice over in an animated film in 2011 at the Los Angeles Media Awards for my role as “Sebastian” ” a super computer from the future in “Time Travelers Series Produced by Pooky Amsterdamn and Dr. James Canton. Like I said machinima has been very good to got me into the institute for Advanced Media in Hartford CT., a year long internship at CPTV and I’ve just stated working in the creative services dept. for FOX News in CT.

What will you be looking for, in general, from a well produced adult video?
Rysan: Well a good friend of mine approached me and asked if I could judge. ( Katina Cazalet)  She remembered how I had a few films in the previous "the sexiest" awards. When she told me what it was for, I was happy to help.

Have you ever done, or considered doing an adult video?
Rysan: Yes, I've done several from 2011-2013. Although, I don't consider myself as a pornographer or adult film maker. I am mostly mainstream..

Would you approach a "mainstream" movie production differently from adult?
Rysan: Actually no. Whether it's mainstream or adult, I believe you still have to set your project the same way. You have to gather materials, find the sets, actors and storyboard your film in the same way. I think the only difference is that in adult the actors have to look good without clothes just as much as they would in clothes.

I got started in movies...
Rysan: This initially was intended to be practice for real life film making. When I started I had no idea there was a whole genre of film making dedicated to filming in a virtual environment.

I enjoy being a producer because...
Rysan: I love being creative. I love many forms of  artistic expression. Being a machinima producer has offered me the ability to tell a story without the use of expensive equipment. It can be difficult and tedious at times,but the payoff comes when the video is done. When people appreciate your work, its the best feeling in the world.

I draw inspiration from...
Rysan: I draw inspiration from anything. Movies, Television, a song, a memory, a fantasy....anywhere. I love artwork that says something. That has a message. I have so many ideas in my head ,and they come and go. But its all the time. But every once in a while an idea will scream to be made, and I feel like I have to do it.

The best way to deliver the story in a movie is...  (eg. subtitles, captions, voice-over, the imagery itself... )
Rysan: My favorite way of telling a story is to use voice overs and match them with the mouth, to give the story that movie feel. Im not usually a fan using or reading subtitles in a film. But I do believe if a film has neither voice or subtitles ...its could still tell a powerful story if done right.

The optimal length for a movie is...
Rysan: I have found  that with machinima, peoples attention spans are really short. So, I believe that you have to capture the attention of your audience, hold it, and then let go as soon as possible. Any thing over 15 minutes and you're pushing it  in regards to people getting bored.

Producing a movie involves... (eg. commentary on steps, time to conceptualize/plan/shoot/edit...)
Rysan: A good idea, story boarding (optional). a really strong graphics card, and editing program (i.e adobe premier, sony vegas) a capture program (i.e  Fraps, Bandicam)

a successful actress/actor is...
Rysan: a successful machinima actor is someone that can change into many different looks. Being available and on time for shoots. For me the ability to voice act is a plus.

I would work with an actor/acctress again because... (eg appearance, personality, dependability...)
Rysan: I would take appearance, personality and dependability into consideration if I was to work with and actor a second time.

A new actor/actress can most benefit from...
Rysan: Being someone that can change into many different looks. Being available and on time for shoots. For me the ability to voice act is a Try not to become romantically involved with the producers.

A new producer can most benefit from...
Rysan: Being serious about your project and seeing it through. Doing whatever it takes to get it done.  And...Try not to become romantically involved with the actors.

The SX magazine Awards is a VIR Studios event, offered by Orgazamz Club[Celestial Estates], and Angels of Savage Gardens

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Emily - SX Magazine Awards Video Categories Judge

Hello again faithful blog reader types,

Our next interview with a video category judge is of galactic proportions. Really, Emily should not be unknown to most of you. Host of the longest running official porn star party, and producer of countless movies (ok, well, the count is actually below but I don't want to spoil it). Here is a deeper look at this prolific porn icon.

Photo by Maya-el Kusumah

In Emily's Words:
Emily has been making porn for 5 years, in those 5 years she has made and been in about 150 movies, 133 she directed!!! Since were comparing this to the sexist awards in 2015 she won Sexiest  best movie & Sexiest  best director for her work in 2014's Legs Wide Spread, Sexiest  Awards Lifetime achievement award and she still hasn't retired yet, elevating Second Life porn to a whole other level with her epically successful erotic space adventure series; Intergalactic SLUTS, which is currently on it's 2nd season.

I got started producing movies...
Emily: Because in 2011 Movies were the biggest, that was the main focus in SL porn and I had some experience in making some very simple movies and enjoined it more than photos

I enjoy being a producer because...
Emily: I can tell a story and be WAY more creative with a movie than a picture. And I enjoy give people the "Movie Star" experience in SL.

I draw inspiration from... 
Emily: Early days Serenity and Thorgal, but our styles are different so now I love going to the movies in the theater where movies are meant to be watch and taking it all in and thinking how I could do some of the biggest scene with the limitations of SL.

The best way to deliver the story in a movie is...  (eg. subtitles, captions, the imagery itself... )
Emily: Most movies are 2 people telepathically linked, starring at each other and say "Want to fuck". Sound tracks are best, but they have the limitation of following dialog.  Currently I write the story out on a computer screen like giving a report and got that idea, from video games that write out your "mission" before you start.

The optimal length for a movie is... 
Emily: 7 minutes, Because attention spans are short and to me I don't see anyone wanking to pixel porn over real porn, if they do great.

Full in-world scenery or green screen? 
Emily: Gosh both. I'm lucky I can afford a Homestead just to make movies on and I have SL largest green screen  a 1024 meter diameter sphere. The green screens are mostly for space flight, but I could see shooting a whole movie in one.  I build most all my sets as well.

Producing a movie involves... (eg. commentary on steps, time to conceptualize/plan/shoot/edit...)
Emily: Simple movies for me use to take 4 days of editing 4-6 hours perday. shooting use to take 2 hours and set building 4 hours or so.  Now for me it's 3 weeks of editing, planning starts 5 months ahead and sets are usually built 2-3 months ahead. I filmed one episode in January because the site had to be use for another set. the episode was released in July.

A successful actress/actor is... 
Emily: Prepared, alert, seen, and works there butt off. Show up prepared, don't go afk cause as soon as you do something about you will need changed. Seen when your not on set make sure you go to parties and getting pictures done so your not forgotten.

I would work with an actor/acctress again because... (eg appearance, personality, dependability...)
Emily: Dependability is HUGE most have no idea how HUGE!!! August 2015 I started looking for new cast members for Intergalactic SLUTS Season 2 which was to start shooting late January 2016.  I made a list and watched people took some in and helped advise them. I want people that look fantastic, do what they say they will and show up when they are suppose to. And if they have something like "Warning I'm a Bitch" written in there profile. no thank you stay away.

A new actor/actress can most benefit from... 
Emily: Experience, there are many directors that will use new people and I would prefer they get some experience there and see how normal movies are made before being on my set. Many directors look for newish people and love saying they put them in there first movie. When I say newish I don't mean people looking like noobs.

A new producer can most benefit from... 
Emily: Experience, get into movies, watch how other directors work, figure out why they do what they do when they do it. You don't need to ask a bunch of questions, just remember what you seen at the shoot and then see final product and figure out how it was all done. Movie magic!!

What will you be looking for, in general, from a well produced adult video?
Emily: I want to see a nice set, the more details the better. Great animation and properly adjusted. if they go to a club and use freebie animations it's not going to look very good unless they can adjust. A story is nice, anyone can put 2 people on pose balls and hump. Sound, Nothing worse than a completely silent movie. Originality, Stripper and a lap dance is so over done. I would love to see something never done in SL before with life like animations on a beautifully decorated set with some kind of story.
And I can usually tell how much work went in to these productions, I mean a movie filmed and uploaded in 2 hours should never beat one that took months to make.

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